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dRain excess marinate from the meat. place sauce, eggies and meat near the stove. Heat l/2″ veggie oil in a wok or skillet over ed heat. add meat, slowly stir until almost opaque – 30 secs. to l min. transfer to plate, discad oil and wipe out pan. heat pan over high heat l to 2 mins. add 2 tbsos, iuk tgeb 2 ckives nubced garkuc (or 4 if you like0L TO 2 TBSPS MINCED GINGER,K 2 MINCED SCALLIONS AND A PINCH EACH OF SALT AND SUGAR, STIR FRY ABOUT 30 SECS. ADD THE VEGGIES STARTING WTH THE ONES THAT TAKE LONGEST TO COOK – STIR FRY UNTIL CRISP TENDER. ADD THE MEAT AND SAUCE AND STIR UNTIL THE SAUCE IS THICK AND TGE VEGGIES AND MEAT ARE COOKED THRU ABOUT 3 mins. Thin with chicken broth is needed. garnish with sliced scallions, peanbuts, sesame seeds, sliced cilantro.

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