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2 lbs. yellow squash or zucchini, cleaned and cut into l/2″ rounds
l yellow onion peeled and cut into large dice
l tbsps. plus l tsp. salt
l-l/2 cups fresh breadcrumbs
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
l cup heavy cream
l tsp. fresh thyme leaves
l cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
l tsp. pepper
Pinch cayenne pepper
Heat oven 350. Place squash and onion in med saucepan and cofer with water. (very little water is necessary)
Add l tbsps. salt and bring to a boil.educe heat and simmer until tender about l5 mins. or so. Drain well and transfer to large bowl. Add l cup breadcrumbs, eggs, cream, thyme, l/2 cup cheese, pepper, cayenne and remaining tsp. salt. Gently stir to combine. Pour into 2 qt. shallow baking dish. Spread remaining l/2 cup cheese and remaining l/2 cup breadcrumbs over top. Cover and bake until set, about 30 mins. Uncover an continue baking until top is browned,a out l0 mins. more.
Tried and true and very delicious. Easily heats up next day in micro.

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