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2 8-oz. packages softened cream cheese. Place in food processor,
mash, and then add l can shrimp with juice. Add l small grated
onion, garlic powder, msg, pepper, lemon juice & 2 cans drained
shrimp. Mix just enough mayo to bind. Cut crusts off Pepperidge Farm
bread – fill with shrimp mixture, cover with bread. Spread
topping over sandwiches and then cut into diamonds or squares.
Can be frozen. Make sandwiches 3 decker!
Topping: l cup mayo
l pkgs.gelatin – soften with l/4 cup water – heat to
dissolve. Put mayo in processor, add warm gelatin.
Put two coatings of topping on sandwiches. Let the first one
dry a bit (l5 mins. or so) then spread final layer of topping
over bread. Then cut. Refrigerate to set well.
w When making topping make sure it stays almost runny & shiny.
When it starts to cool a bit it gets a little hard and not so
spreadable. Put in micro for 5-6 seconds to soften up.
Before 2nd coating of chaud frois goes on, sprinkle with chopped
This amount of topping will cover l large loaf of
Pepperidge Farm bread.
This amount of shrimp filling will cover almost 2 loaves
of bread (maybe l-l/2)
The recipe for the mayo mix – l pkg. gelatin plus l cup mayo is just enough for 6 trip;el decker sandwiches.
Make sure you spread mayo over every side that touches the filling – plus two coats on top.. No need to put mayo on the sides of the sandwiches. Can be frozen whole and then sliced when ready to serve. IT MIGHT BE BEST NOT TO ADD THE LIQUID FROM THE FIRST CAN OF SHRIMP – IT MADE THE MIXTURE TOO LOOSE. GRY IT FIRST WITHOUT THE LIQUID – YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD IT LATER.

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