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l/2 cup julienne cut carrot
l/2 cup julienne cut leek (white portion only)
l/2 cup julienne cut white turnip
l tbsps. olive oil
l2-oz. bay scallops
2/3 cup pesto sauce – warmed
l-l/2 cup tomato sauce, warmed
l pkg. (9-oz. cheese ravioli cooked drained and warm)
Saute carrot, leek, and turnip in oil for 2 mins. Remove from
skillet; set aside. Saute scallops l to 2 mins. , drain. Stir Pesto
sauce into scallops. To serve: ladle warm tomato sauce onto four
dinner plates. Top with pasta and vegetables. Spoon on scallop-
pesto mixture and serve.
Serves 4.

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