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2 2-l/2 lb. chickens, halved or quartered
salt & pepper
4 cups boiling water
l/4 cup beef broth
3 or 4 bay leaves
l large onions, chopped
l/2 head garlic (about 4 or 5 cloves) minced
l tbsps. butter or oleo
l cup dry white wine
l/2 cup tomato puree
l tbsps. chopped parsley
Parsley springs, optional
Sprinkle chickens with s&p to taste and bake at 350 for l hour.
Meanwhile, combine water, broth & bay leaves and bring to boil.
Reduce heat and let simmer. Saute onion & garlic in butter until
onion is tender. Add wine and cook over low heat l5 mins. Stir in
broth mixture and tomato puree. Add chopped parsley. Cook over low
heat l hour. Strain and pour over baked chicken. Garnish with parsle
y sprigs, if desired.
Serves 8. A garlicky wine sauce is served over this baked

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