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3 lbs. Uikon gold potatoes, peeled, cut into l;8″ thick rounds
2 tsp. salt
l tsp. black pepper
2-l/2 tsp. dried tarragon
l-l/2 cups packed grated sharp white cheddar cheese (about 6 ozs.)
l cup whipping cream
l cup dry whtie wine
Heat oven 400. Butter 9xl3″ glass baking dish. Layer l/3 of potatoes in dish. overlapping slightly. Sprinkle with l/3 of salt and l/3 of pepper. Sprinkle with l/3 of tarragon, then with l/3 of cheese. Repeat layering twice more with remaining potatoes etc. Whisk cream and wine in med bowl to blend. Pour o ver potatoes. Bake uncovered until potatoes are tender when pierced with knife and top is golden about l hr. Let gratin stand 5 mins before serving. Serves 8 Bon Appetit April 2003

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