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l/2 lb. cooked lobster meat
3 tbsps. butter
2 tbsps. finely chopped shallots
l tbsps. paprika
l tbsps. flour
l cup milk
l/2 cup heavy cream
salt & pepper to taste
l tablespoon Madeira wine or Sherry
l egg holk
pinch of cayenne pepper
Cut lobster into l” or bite size cubes. There should be about l-l/2
cups. Heat two tablespoons of butter in saucepan & add shallots and
paprika. Cook briefly, stirring with whgisk. Add milk, stirring
rapidly with whisk. Add the cream and any liquid that has accumulate
around the lobster. Add s & p to taste. Add the wine & egg yolk,
stirring rapidly with whisk. Stir in cayenne pepper. Heat remaining
tablespoon of butter & add the cubed lobster, shaking the skillet
and stirring just until lobster pieces are heated through. Put the
sauce through a strainer. Pour half of the sauce over the lobster
pieces and stir to blend. Use equal, small portions of the lobster
in the sauce to fill each crepe. (About 2 tbsps. filling will
suffice for each crepe) Fold the crepe over. Spoon the remaining
sauce without the lobster meat over the filled crepe
This recipe is enough to fill 8 7″ to 8″ crepes.

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