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l gallon Processed dill piclkles
cinnamon stick
Pour all liquid down the drain. Cut pickles into 4ths or 6ths. Divide the pickles into 4 parts. Place first part
in bottom of pickle jar. Add 2 cups sugar, l ttsp. cloves, peppercorns and l/4 of l cinnamon stick. and 5 cloves
peeled garlic. Continue with 3 more layers of same ingredients. Let rest until sugar dissolves. After all sugar
is dissolved, taste for sweetness. If too tart you can add as much sugar until it tastes good to you. Any of these ingredients are very loose as far as amounts go. Just make an even layer of 4 layers with the same ingredients. Add less sugar until you like the taste. You can always add more. Let rest until liquid appears in jar. All this sounds complicated, but it is as easy as pie.

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