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4 very thick skinned oranges cut into 8ths (32 wedges)

Cover with water and simmer about 20-25 mins. until tender (test
with knife). Drain

Syrup: 4 cups sugar moistened just enough for it to stick together
(like wet snow) – simmer until syrup is clear (test). Add oranges
and 6 cloves, 1″ of cinnamon stick & 2 1/4″ thick lemon slices. Do
not stir but gently push oranges from the side of the pot toward the
center to mix. Simmer (keep testing) until the syrup is very thick
& the oranges are shiny (may take up to 1 1/2 hrs.)
General rule: 1 cup of sugar per orange.
To begin, let sugar & water cook only about l0 mins. Then add the
oranges. This will turn the liquid clear immediately. Cook the
oranges until liquid thickens and becomes shiny. This is the good housekeeping version which I think Lily originally followed:
Wash and cut into quarters 3 navel oranges. Place them in a saucepan. Pour over them: boiling water to cover. Cook them for l hour. Drain them well. Discard the water. Cook for 5 minutes: l cup sugar, l-l/4 cups water and l tbsps. lemon juice. Place the oranges in the sirup. Cook them until they are tender for aobut l hr. Place them in a jar in the syrup. You can also add lemon slices and cinnamon sticks.

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