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Make a strong stock out of wings, necks, backs and gizzards or use chicken secret sauce. Cut up chicken in pieces. Fry them in a skillet in 3 tbsps. oil and 3 tbsps. butter until nice and brown on both sides. Put chicken aside (s&p) and deglaze skillet with 2 cups wine (red or white) or sherry after discarding fat. Add also 2 cups chicken stock. Add a pinch of thyme, 2 cloves garlic very finely minced, 2 sprigs parsley. put the chicken back and bring it slowly to a simmer. Continue to simmer 20-25 mins. or until chickens are almost done. In l/2 cup wine mix 3 tbsps. flour and l tbsps. cornstarch. When smooth add to the chicken together with l/2 cup chutney, l/2 cup raisins, l tsp. curry powder and apinch of ginger. Simmer 5-l- mins. or more and just before serving add l/2 cup sour cream. Decorate with minced parsley leaves.

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