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2 lbs. carots (l to l-l/2 inches in diameter) peeled, halved lenthwise
2 lbs. parsnips “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
6 tbsp. olive oil
l=l/2 tbsps. butter
l-l/2 tbsps. honey
l tsp. balsamic vinegar position l rack in cener of lk rack in bottom third of ovenand heat to 400. line 2 rimmed baking sheewts with foil. Divide carrots and
pasnips beween prepared sheets. sprinkle generously with s&p. then drizxlr 3 tbsps. oil over veggies on each sheet, toss to cost.
roast veggies l0 minutes; stir . roast vegies l0 mins. longer ; stir and reverse sheets. continue roasting until veggies are tender
and slightyly charred, about l5 mins. longer. (can be prepared 2 hrs. ahead. tent with foil and let sand at room temp. rewarm uncovered
in 350 oven for l0 mins. Melt butter in heavy small saucepan over med. heat. stir in honey and vinegar. drizzxle honey over veggies
and serve. serves 8 Bon appetit Dec. 2005

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