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4 tbsps. Boursin cheese
4 thin slices cooked ham from deli
4 thin slices cooked roast beef from deli
mayo and horseradish mixture for beef
4 cups Romaine salad greens from 8 oz. pkg.
l0 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
l/4 cup purchased balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing
Spread l tbsps. spreadable cheese on one side of each slice of ham. Roll up ham; cut each roll into quarters. Do the same with the roast beef and mayo spread. Put salad greens in serving dish. Top with ham and roast beef rolls and cherry tomato halves. Drizzel with salad dressing.
this is delicious – served it for a luncheon for 6 and did well. do not use the whipped cream cheese; it tends to sort of melt away. the best thing is to use the boursin on the rost beef and then mix regular cream cheese with some honey mustard for the ham.

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