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l-l/2 cups sifted flour
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup plus 2 tbsps. instant cocoa mix
l-l/2 tsp. salt
l tsp. baking powder
l-l/3 cups butter
4 eggs
2 tsps. vanilla
2 tbsps. corn syrup
2 cups coarsely chopped nuts
Mint Frosting* Chocolate Glaze**
Preheat oven 350. Sift first 5 ingredients into mixer bowl. Add
butter, eggs, vanilla & corn syrup, mixing thoroughly. Fold in nuts.
Spread batter in oiled 9xl3x2″ pan. Bake for 40-45 mins. until soft
in center & edges are slightly firm. Do not overbake. Cool.
*Mint Frosting: 2 cups sifted powdered sugar, l/4 cup softened
butter, 2 tbsps. milk, l tsp. mint extract & green food color.
Combine all frosting ingredients, mixing,thoroughly. Spread over
cooled cake. Place in freezer l5-20 mins. to harden. Cut pastry into
40 bars but do not remove from pan.
**Chocolate Glaze: 2 squares unsweetened chocolate
2 tbsps. butter
Heat chocolatge & butter, blending thoroughly. When softened, brush
evenly on top of mint frosting, using a pastry brush if desired.
Allow chocolate to harden good. Carefully recut bars. Remove from
Make sure pan is 2″ deep or cake will overflow when cooking.

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