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l/2 cup flour
2 tsp. paprika
l/2 tsp. ground black pepper
l6 skinless chicken thighs
l/4 cup olive oil
2 tsp. minced garlic
l-l/2 cups chopped onion
l/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
l/2 cup chopped celery
2 8-oz. cans stewed tomatoes, drained & chopped
l cup dry white wine
l-l/2 cups chicken broth
l cup canned tomato sauce
l tsp. dried basil, crumbled
l tsp. dried oregano, crumbled
l/2 tsp. sugar, or to taste
l tbnsps. tarragon vinegar, or to taste
3-4 drops Tobasco
cooked rice as an accom paniment
In a bowl, combine well the flour, paprika & black pepper and in
this mixture dredge the chicken, shaking off excess. In large
skillet heat the oil over mod. high heat until it is hot but not
smoking – in this saute the chicken in batches, turning occasionly
until it is golden & transfer to paper towels to drain. To the fat
add the garlic, onion, bell pepper & celery and cook the veggies
until they are softened (mod. heat). Stir in the tomatoes, basil,
oregano, sugar, vinegar & Tobasco and boil the sauce for 5 mins.
Divide the chicken between 2 baking dishes, spoon sauce over it
and cover dishes lightly with foil. Bake the chicken in the middle
of preheated 325 oven for 45 mins. and transfer it with tongs to a
serving plate. In a food processor puree the sauce, add s&p to
taste and spoon sauce over the chicken. Serve with rice.
Serves 8-l0.


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