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2-l/4 cups flour
l cup sour cream
l cup butter, softened
2 cups peach preserves
l cup flaked coconut
8 tbsps. finely chopped walnuts
Heat oven 450. In large mixing bowl combine flour, sour cream & butter; blend well. Cover; chill at least l hr. Roll out doughone fourth at a time to a l2x8″ rectangle on a well floured surface. Spread with l/2 cup preserves to within l” of edges. Sprinkle with l/4 cup coconut and 2 tbsps. walnuts. Startring with l2″ side, roll up jelly roll fashion. Seal edges and ends. Place seam side down on uingreased cookie sheet. Repeat with remaining dough to make 4 rolls. Bake at 450 for l8 to 20 mins. Cool. Sprinkle with confectioners suygar. Cut inmto slices. Keep a baked roll of strudel in thre freezer for unexpected coffee guests. It will thaw wuickly after slicing.
swirls of peach preserves and coconut appear as you slice this rich and easy roll up. Start early enough to chill. Pillsbury Bake Off


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