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2 medium cucumbers
5 tbsps. lemon juice
2 tbsps. honey
3/4 tsp. salt
l/2 tsp. pepper
l/2 tsp. onion powder
l/2 cup sour cream
l/4 cup mayonnaise
l jar (2oz.) chopped pimientos, drained
Score cucumbers lengthwise with tiens of fork; cut lengthwise in
half. Remove and discard seds; cut cucumbers into thin slices; pat
dry with paper towels. Whisk lemon juice, honey, s & p & onion powde
together in medium sized bow; add cucumbers; toss to coat. Refriger-
ate covered, stirring occasionally, l to 2 hrs. Combine sour cream,
mayo & pimientos in medium sized bowl. Refrigeratge covered l to 2
hours. Drain cucumbers, reserving 3 tbsps. marinade. Pat cucumbers
dry with paper towels. Whisk reserved marinade into cream mixture.
Stir in cucumbers.

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