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for the dough;
l-l/4 cup milk
l tbsps. sugar or honey
l tbsps. dried yeast
l-l/2 lb. (4-5 cups flour)
3 eggs
l tbsps. butter

for nut mixture;
l/2 cup almonds
l/2 cup pecans
l cup raisins
l cup brown sugar
l stick butter, melted

for the glaze;
l-l/2 cups confectioners sugar
2 tsp. lemon juice
4 tbsps. water
l tsp. corn syrup

Heat oven 300. warm milk in saucepan to ll0 degrees. pour into a bowl and add sugar or honey and yeast to activate. mix in the
flour, eggs and butter to make a smooth dough. allow to rise for about 40 mins. mix almonds, pecans, raisins and brown sugar together and ch
and chop fine. set aside. cut the dough in half. roll out each half l8″ long and cut into l2 equal pieces. shape each piece intoballs, dip into malted butter and place into an ll” spring form pan.
spoon the nut mixturebetween each of the balls. allow to rise until double in size. double in size.place into oven and bake for 30 m9ins. at 300 then increase the heat to 375and bake for l5 mins. to make the glaze sift the sugar. add thelemon juice, water and corn syrup and mix yto bcombine. drizzle over the cake after it has cooled.

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