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The basis for cream soups is a roux. This is a combination of
margarine and flour which, when cooked, acts as a thickener for the
soup. Successful cream soups will require some practice and trial
and error will be the best teacher.

Basic roux:
6 ozs. melted margarine
l-l/2-l-3/4 cups flour
Over low heat, melt margarine
Slowly whisk in flour until you have a thick, DRY, paste. Continue
to cook over low heat for 5 mins. stirring occasionally. Do not
allow roux to burn, but cook until dry and, when stirred, it
clings together.
Once the roux is cooked, begin adding milk and whisking as you go.
As the milk begins to thicken, and at this point more milk is added.
As your volume increases, you will find that it takes longer and
longer for the milk to thicken. When you reach a point where the
sauce is very hot, BUT NOT BOILING, and it is of the consistency
that you want, it is done.
There are no specifics here, but this is a basis for all cream soups
sauces. Give it a try and dare to be creative. Some of the best soup
and sauces come from whatever is left over from the night before.
All of the cream soups and all of the sauces at the Horseshoe Tavern
begin in this same fashion, so give them a try.

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