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In a kettle sweat l0 leeks, trimmed of the green tops, well washed,
thinly sliced, l cup thinly sliced carrots and l/2-3/4 lb. turnips,
peeled and thinly sliced, in l/2 stick butter, covered with a
buttered round of wax paper & the lid, over mod.low heat for l5 to
20 mins. or until the veggies are soft and only barely colored.
Add 6 potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced, two tsps. salt, pepper to
taste and 8 cups of water with some chicken base. Bring the liquid
to a boil and simmer the mixture for 45 mins. or until taters are
just tender. Puree the mixture through processor. Transfer to kettle
and add l cup of sour cream.
ADD DILL< HERBS DE PROVENCE < or other spices in beginning. Serves 6. Delicious.

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