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l l2 oz. pig. chinese style noodles
l-l/2 cups chicken stock
l/4 tsp. salt
2 med. tomatoes cut into l/4″ cubes, (optional)
l cup celery sliced thin
3 scallions 2″ lengths sliced thin
3 tbsps. soy sauce
l tbsps. cornstardh
l/2 tbsps. veggie oil
Cook noodles as directed. Place broth and salt in sauce pan and bring to boil. Add precooked noodles
heat 2,3 mins. drain off and sve broth. Keep noodles warm in pan. Add soy sauce and corn starch to
broth and put aside. Add oil to hot wok and add veggies and dry 2 mins. Cover and cook 2 mins. more.
Add broth and stir until thickened. Turn off heatr. Palce noodles in serving dish or add to wok with veggies.
Pour broth over noodles and stir fry. DELICIOUS111

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