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l lb. spaghetti
5 tbsps. butter
3 tbsps. flour
2 cups chicken broth
‘l cup heavy cream
2 tbsps. dry Sherry or Madeira
l/4 cup Parmesan
l/4 tsps. pepper
3/4 lb. mushrooms
3 scallions

l/2 cup diced canned or bottled pimientos
4 cups 3/4″ cubes cooked turkey or chicken breast (about 2 lbs.)
Fill kettle and cook spagthetti. Preheat oven 375. Lightly coat l3x9″ dish with spray. In 2 qt. heavysaucepan heat 3 tbsps. butter over mod. heat until foam subsides. Add flour, stirring until smooth. Stir in broth and simmer, stirring constantly, until thickened and smooth, about 3 mins. Stir in cream, Sherry, l/4 cup parmesan and pepper. Simmer sauce, stirring 2 mins. and remove pan from heat. Thinly slice mushrooms nad scallions. In large heavy skillet heat remaining 2 tbsps. butter over mod. heat until foam subsides. Add mushrooms and scallions and cook stirring until softened, about 3 mins. In large bowl toss spaghetti with sauce, mushroom mixture, pimientos and chicken. Transfer to baking dish and scatter remaining l/2 cup Parmesan evenly over all. Bake Tetrazzini, uncovered, in middle of oven 20 mins. or until bubbling and top is touched with brown.
Serves 8 Gourmet Nov. l997

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