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l lbs. chicken livers, trimmed
l onion, sliced thin
2 tbsps. butter
3 hard cooked large eggs
l2 ribs of celery, each about l” wide, cut into 2″ lengths

Pat the chicken lviers dry, arrange them on the rack of a foil
lined broiler pan & broil them under preheated broiler about 4″ from
the heat for 2 mins. on each side, or until they are seared. In a
skillet cook the onion in the butter over mod-high heat, stirring,
until it begins to brown, add the livers & cook the mixture, stirr-
ing for l min. or until the livers are no longer pink within, being
careful not to burn the onion. Remove the skillet from the heat &
let the mixture cool
In a food processor blend the liver mixture, the eggs, and s&p to
taste until the mixture is smooth. (The pate may be made 3 days in
advance & kept chilled, its surface covered with plastic wrap.)
Transfer the pate to a pastry bag fitted with l/2″ tip & pipe it
into the celery. Makes abut 48 hors d”oeuvres.

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