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2 7-oz. fresh mozzarella cheese balls
3/4 cup olive oil
20 garlic cloves, sliced
2 tbsps. chopped fresh Italian parsley
l tbsps. plus 2 tsps. chopped oregano or 2-l/2 tsp. dried
l/2 tsp. dried rosemary
8 4-oz. skinless boneless chicken breast halves
SAUCE: 2 tbsps. butter
8 garlic cloves, sliced
l tbsps. chopped parsley
l-l/2 tsps. dried crumbled oregano
l tbsps. fresh lemon juice
For Chicken: Cut each cheese ball into 4 slices. Transfer to medium
bowl. Heat olive oil in skillet over med. heat. Add garlic & saute
until golden, about 4 mins. Stir in herbes. Pour oil mixture over
sliced cheese. Toss to coat. Pound each chicken breast half to
chickness of l/3″. Season with s&p. Place 2 slices of cheese on l
breast half. Top with another breast half, aligning large end and
pointed ends. Secure ends with wooden skewers. Repeat with
remaining chicken & cheese. Transfer to large shallow dish. Pour oil
mixture from cheese over chicken. Cover & refrigerate 3 hrs. turning
occasionally. (Can be prepared l day ahead).
Prepare barbecue: medium high heat. Season chicken with s&p. Grill
until chicken is just cooked through about 3-l/2 mins. per side.
Transfer to plates and keep warm.
Meanwhile: SAUCE: Melt butter with olive oil in skillet over med.
heat. Add garlic & saute about 3 mins. Stir in tomatoes, herbs &
lemon juice. Pour over chicken & serve.
Serves 4.

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