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7 cups all purpose flour
l/2 cup sugar
3-lk/2 tsp. salt
3 large eggs, room temp, lightly beaten
3 large egg yolks, room temp., lightly beaten
l/3 cup veggie oil
l-l/4 cups warm water
2-l/4 tsp. dry yeast
egg wash l large egg beaten with 2 tbsps. water
sesame or poppy seeds for sprinkling
Combine all ingredients in bowl of mixer. For 3 mins. mix at low speed then increase speed a notch and mix 4-5 mins. longer until dough is firm and smooth with a nice springiness. Cover bowl with a piece of plastic wrap. Allow dough to rise l hour then gently press down on its surface to deflate it. Cover again and let rise l hour longer. Remove dough from bowl (it will deflate). Divide into three equal pieces each will weigh about l8 ozs.) Divide each piece into six equal parts then braid (see below0 Gently lift the braided loaf onto a lightly greased or prachment lined baking sheet. Cover with a clean cloth then a sheet of plastic wrap. Repeat with remaining loaves. Let dough rise about 30 mins. eat o ven 375. Brush with egg wash and poppy seeds. Let dough rise another 30 mins until it is just short of doubled then bake 30-35 mins (check temp of bread – it should be l90-200 degrees). lower the temp of oven to 350 if the loaves are browning too quickly. The bread is done when hollow sounding.
l. roll out the six pieces of dough into strands, each about l2″ long. Divide the strands into two groups of 3 strands each.
2. Place the two groups of strands on a work surface, arranged in an inverted V shape. Pinch the ytop ends together.
3. Take the outside strand from the right group, bring it over its two neighboring strands and lay it down along the inside of
the left group.
4. Take the outside strand from the left group, bring it over the nexxt 3 strands in the left group and lay it down along the
inside of the right group.
5.Repeat this pattern until all the dough is completely braided. Pinch the bottom ends together and tuck both ends under.

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