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2 tbsps. oil
3 cups chopped onion
3 cups shredded white cabage
2 cups gated idaho potatoes
2 qts. chicken stock
8 to l0 ozs. corned beef, cut into 2×3 ” strips, or ham (l cup)
2 cups grated carrots
l cup cream
In a soup pot heat l tbsp. oil, add onions and cook until tender, 3 mins. add cabbage and potatoes and stir to coat. add stock bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer 30 mins. Meanwhile in small skillet saute corned beef strips in remaining oil until crisp; drain on paper towels. add carots and cream to sup and simmer l0 mins. more. stir in corned beef strips and adjust seasoning to taste with s&p.
Serves 8 to l0 TV

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