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3 slices bacon, cutinto l/2″ pieces
4 pints sprouts ends trimmed and halved
salt and pepper
l apple cored and cut into l/4″ slices, each slice halvedf crosswise
2 tsp. red wine vinegarr
heat oven 425. arrrange bacon in single layer on large rimmed baking sheet. bake until browned, l0 mins. addf sprouts in single layer, sprinkle with s&p. roast until they begin to brown about l5 mins.
remove from oven and toss in apple. return to oven; roast until sprouts are browned and tender and apple has softened, l0 to l5 mins. Toss vbeggies with vinegar and serve immediately.
to make ahead, pre[are recipe through step 2; store at room temp up to 4 hrs. to serve hot spread veggiex on rimmed sheet and place in 350 oven until heated through, l0 to l5 mins. toss with vinegar.
Serves 8 Everyday Food

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