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2 tbsps. butter
l med. onion thinly sliced and cut into fourths
l/2 cup dried cranberries
l tbsps. packed brown sugar
l tbsps. balsamic vinegar
veggie oil
l round Brie cheese (l5 ozs.)
l/4 cup coarsely chopped pistachio nuts or toasted pecans
Melt butter in l0″ skillet over med heat. Cook onion in butter l0 mins. stirring frequently. Stir in cranberries, brown sugar and vinegar. Cook about 5 mins. longer, stirring frequently until mixture is thickened and carmelized
Heat oven 350. Lightly brush oven proof plate with beggie oil. Place cheese on center of plate. Bake uncovered 8 to l0 mins. or until cheese is soft and partially melted. Spoon topping over cheese; sprinkle with nuts. Serve with crackers. Serves 8 to l0.
Prepare the topping up to 24 hrs. ahead then cover and refrigerate. Heat the topping while the cheese is baking. Continue as directed. YOU CAN USE TWO 8 OZ. ROUNDS OF BRIE IF YOU CAN’T FIND A l5 OZ. ROUND.

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