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One l4-oz. wheel mature brie cheese
l/2 cup butter, softened
l SMALL clove garlic, pressed
l/3 cup finely chopped walnuts
l/3 cup finely chopped ripe olives
2 tbsps. chopped basil leaves or 2 tsp. dry basil

Plce cheese in freezer about 30 minsutes or until very firm. Care-
fully cut into halves, horizontally; set aside. In a small bowl,
cream butter and garlic. Mix walnuts, olives and basil to blend
thoroughly. Spread evenly on cut side of one of the brie halves.Top
with the other half, cut side down. Press together lightly; wrap and
chill. Bring to room temperature.
Makes l2 appetizer servings.
Note: Two 8-oz. wheels of brie may also be used.

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