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l/2 cup catsup
l/2 cup canola or veggie oil
l/4 cup white wine vinegar or distilled whie vinegar
2 tbsps. sugar
l tsp. grated onion
l/4 tsp. tabasco sauce
Add all ingredients to lidded contianer and shake vigorously until combined. can be refrigerated in airtight xcontainer for l week.
Creamy french dressing:
l cup basic french dressing
l/4 cup mayonnaise
whisk dressing and mayo together in bowl until smooth.

french dip and dressing;
8 oz. cream cheese, room temp
l cup sour cream
l/2 tsp. tabasco sauce
l cup basic french dressing
whisk cream cheese, sour cream and tabasco together in bowl until smooth. add dressing and whisk to combine. refrigerate.

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