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6 slices of lean bacon, chopped fine
l/4 cup finely chopped shallot
2/3 cup minced green bell pepper
l/2 cup dry white wine
a 28-oz. can tomatoes including the juice, chopped
l/2 tsp. crumbled dried basil
six l/2 lb. flounder fillets, halved lengthwise & seasoned with s&p
l/2 cup fine fresh bread crumbs
2 tbsps. finely chopped fresh parsley leaves
l tbsps. olive oil
In a skillet cook the bacon over mod. heat until crisp, transfer it
to paper towels to drain, and discard all but 2 tbsps. of the fat.
In the fat remaining, cook the shallot and bell pepper over mod-low
heat, stirring, for 3 mins., add the wine and boil the mixture,
scraping up the brown bits, for l min. Add the tomatoes with the
juice, the basil and s&p to taste and simmer the sauce, stirring
occasionally, for l0 mins. or until it is thickened. On a work
surface arrange the flounder fillet halves, skinned sides up,
beginning with the narrow end roll up each fillet half jelly-roll
fashion and secure each roll with a wooden pick. In an oiled flame-
proof baking pan, l5xl0x2″ arrange the fish rolls, seam sides down
and not touching each other, pour the sauce evenly over them and
bake the mixture in the middle of a preheated 400 oven for l0 mins.
In a bowl stir together the bread crumbs, parsley, bacon and s&p to
taste and sprinkle the topping over the rolls. Drizzle the fish
rolls with the oil and bake the mixture for l0 mins. or until the
fish just flakes. (For a crisper topping, the cooked mixture may
be broiled under a preheated broiler about 4″ from the heat for
l to 2 mins.) Transfer the fish rolls to a heated platter and
spoon the sauce and topping over them.
Serves 6.

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