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l lb. bag dry pasta (tri colored otini, fusilli or wagon wheels)
l/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
l pt. cherry tomatoes cut in quarters
l bunch geen onions, ends removed, thinly sliced (use green part too)
one or two ripe avacados peeled and chipped
2-3 tbsps Italian dressing mix (Penzy’s)

2-3 tbsps. water 3-4 tbsps. balsamic wine vinegar
l/2 cup mayo
l/4 cup olive oil
l tbsps. honey

Cook pasta as directed on box. while it is cooking chop veggies and crumble gthe cheese. in a large serving bowl mix the vinaigrette with water; let stand a ffew minutes, then whisk in the rest of the dresdsing ingredients. rinse the pasta and drain very well. Toss pasta with dressing. Add onions, tomnatoes, aacado and cheese, then ross again and serve.
Serves 6 to 8 Pensey’s
Don’t add avacado until just before serving – it will change nice color.

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