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l/3 cup butter
l/3 cup sugar
l egg beaten to mix
l egg yolk
l/2 cup whole almonds, ground
2 tbsps. flour
2 tbsps. kirsch
Make the pie pastry dough and chill at least 30 mins. Set oven at
400. Roll out the dough, line it into pie pan or flan ring, lightly
prick bottom with a fork, flute edges & chill until firm.
To make the frangipane: cream butter, gradually beat in the sugar
and continue beating until mixture is light & soft. Gradually add
the egg and egg yolk, beating well after each addition. Add the
kirsch, then stir in the ground almonds & flour. Pour the filling
into the chuilled pastry, spreading it evenly. Peel the pears or
apples (2 large of either) halve them and scoop our cores & stem
fibre. Cut them crosswise in a very thin slices & arrange them on
the frangipane in a wheel pattern; press them down gently until
they touch the pastry dough bas. Bake the pie in heated oven for
l0-l5 mnins. until pastry dough is beginning to brown. Set the shelf
near the bottom of the oven so the base of pie cooks thoroughly.
Turn down heat to 350 and continue cooking l5-20 mins. or until
pears or apples are tender and frangipane is set. Ten minutes
before end of cooking, sprinkle the pie with granulated sugar and
continue cooking until the sugar melts & carmelizes slightly.
Transfer to rack to cool. A short time before serving, brush the
pie with melted apricot jam glaze (l/2 cup). Before serving, heat
the pie until tepid. (Freezes well)

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