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6 9×13 crepes – 450 oven – well oiled pan!!! heat pan first to VERY hot. cook till lightly brown on edges.
make fillings:
l lb. tiny cubed chicken
2 minced shalots
3 minced garlic cloves
salt and pepper
Cover large panb with olive oil and saute chicken pieces until lightly brown and cooked through – add s&p. remove from pan – add shallots and garlic and cook about l minute (chicken about 4 mins.)
FILLING; EITHER SAUTEED MUSHROMS OR MINCED BROCCOLI. iF Using broccoli, break into tiny florets – steam in mikey – let cool and give a few turns in the food processor just to break a bit more – do not puree.
Mix chicken, shallots and garlic and mushrooms or broccoli with about l-l/2 cupsofwhite cheese sauce (recipe follows) You will needabout l/2head of broccoli.
You can also sprinkle chicken & veggies with emeril’s seasoning.
s minced green onions with tops., l bunch asparagus
l/3 cup dry sherryt
some dry or coarsely ground mustard
Saute ham for about 4/5mins. add sherry and boil to reduce. add green onions and some tarragon and mustard. Mix well and add white cheese sauce – mix well.
Cut about l bunch of asparagus into small pieces and mikey till crisp but cooked through. Add to ham mixture. with white sauce.

WHITE CREAM SAUCE; Melt 4tbsps. butter in saucepan – add l/4 cup flour and cook stirring constantly until thickebed into a pale blonde roux. Add 2 cups warm chicken stock and cook stirring until thickened – add l tsp. salt and l tsp. pepper.
Add l-l2 cups light cream and stir to combine. Add 8 oz. shredded Greyere cheeseand mixwell.

Starting at bottom of each crepe add filling and roll up like jelly roll.
divide ham and chicken into half and fill crepes accordingly. you might get between
6 to 8 rolls – place seam side down on baking pan and cover with more cheese.
Bake at400 on greased pan for aboutl5-20 minsuntil bubbly and starting to brown on top. CAN BE MADE AT POINT OF COMPLETE FILLING – COVER AND REFRIGERATE FOR ONE DAY THEN UNCOVER AND BAKE JUST TILL WARM.

yOU WILL PROBABLY GET ABOUT 3-4 chicken CREPES AND 3-4 HAM CREPES/3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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